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Here is a poem  written Elisha Jnr

The depth of intimacy between ants and sugar
Equals the same with Flesh and sin.
She promised not to go back to that sin,
Like Never again?
She kept her promises but after a while
Boom!  There she go again…

On that Faithful Sunday morning,
A BMW3 would never overtake her relating to the speed she accelerated with.
With traces of scritches
She ran to the bathroom just to harsh her lustfulness.
She was into Masturbation and at same time a lesbian
She broke her hymen at her ease
Her heart skipped when she saw a duplicate of her sex
She was never at peace.
Her mind was filled of same sex- SEX
or maybe same sex intercourse

And after that, She felt this emptiness inside of her…
Being sorry for herself
Her soul wax cold in a bit feeling useless
She got stock this hidden sin
Which she wouldn’t share with any other being.
The fact is, her trust became so expensive
That she would not afford the shame.
Running through her mind was, ” oh God how do I escape this pain”
When people speak of their quality, she saw herself being plain.
Cause that hidden sin runs through her veins.

At this stage she began to live a life which was not hers
She felt she was being cursed
That  hidden sin ate her up…
When people speak life
She projected herself a walking corpse.
“What is my value
Life what do I owe you
I’m tired of these…What am I suppose to do?”

She realized the passion lasted only for a few time
But created a life time havoc.
And This HIS-TORY became HER-STORY.
Say no to Lesbianism masturbation and homosexuality
Written Elisha Jnr

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