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CJ Gospel release his highly anticipated spirit filled single titled… “What I Love About You”and he features Ema Onyx (You No Dey Use Me Play Crooner)

What I love about you is a song that expresses how much we love God, his kindness, his faithfulness and providence

This track is dedicated to God almighty.

The song was produced by Sunny Pee.


Watch lyrics video below



What I love about you
Is whom you are (2*)
You never change
What I love about you
Is whom you are (2*)
Christ never fails

You are a creator that can never be created your understanding is unsearchable
God you are holy and sovereign life is worthless without you
You stretched out heavens like a curtain and spread them out like a tent to dwell in and the earth your footstool there is none like you
You are perfect in all your ways oh…………….


You never fail oh God
That is what I love about you
Ihe ikwuru bu Ihe ineme Eze
That is what I love about you
Ome nma nma zuru aru
That is what I love about you
When you say a thing it must come to pass
That is what I love about you
You never change you never fail


Gburu gburu 1 El’igwe
Ochiri ozuo EZE Ndi eze
Anu Kporo nku n’eju Onu ikuku ama n’onya
Apata n’eku nwa
Anra n’azu uwa n’ile oh


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