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The competition in the world is high. Virtually everything around us is trying to attain a peak. We all aspire to be great, we all want to get there first and our love for the good things of life can’t negate the fact that we are humans. Everyone of us carries the spirit of destiny and that is why when others tend to be ahead of us in life, a feeling strike. Whatever be the feeling, it can be evaluated and converted into a positive response. Some of us have feeble minds that makes us get easily angry, depressed, envy and reduce our self esteem to be low when others share their success story with us. Sometimes we pretend, but it doesn’t last for long. Other times we develop feeling of hatred for an individual without reasons simply because, we refuse to be happy with their success story. This is simply because the spirit of destiny in you decides to ask “why not me?”. The human mind will always tilt, but then we must try to be happy and celebrate with people. Of a truth, you will see people who are from influential backgrounds, intelligent, beautiful, handsome, good psyche, eloquent, skilful at what they do, friends around you with lucrative jobs than you, others are getting married before you, riding cars and people you least expected are already climbing the ladders of life. That hut called the mind will definitely sprout a question like ” Why not me?”. It’s a weed that needs to be uproot immediately.

Sadly enough some persons are jealous over others simply because they read their post on social media, they view colourful pictures of people in gigantic buildings, sophisticated dresses, riding state of the art cars e.t.c. This is ridiculous and outrageous. I just can’t imagine how someone helps to calculate what is going on in my life because of what I post on my social media handles. Anyone who keeps doing this, will remain blind to see that God is also doing something marvellous with their lives but because He is engross with jealousy, He might never see. Rather he help others to calculate and count their blessings of what God is doing for them through post on social media.
I was motivated to write about this topic “why not me?” because of the world around me. I see jealousy in increase even at things that don’t worth spending time to be jealous at.
Lets work on our mind positively.

I remain your favourite writer on “words in pen” Justina Barde.

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