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Wednesdays are for words in pen but because we couldn’t bring any article to you yesterday Wednesday, we are carrying it over today Thursday. We trust you enjoy this one titled ” In 2022, seek for self improvement and growth daily.”

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As the year come to an end and as you evaluate your life, make a deliberate effort not to stay angry at yourself or God for the goals/dreams you weren’t able to achieve/fulfill. Also make it deliberate never to envy or get jealous for someone else’s blessings that you wished it should have come to you instead without you even checking the blessings God gave to you.

One truth you need to know is, God’s blessings comes to us differently even to identical twins, God blesses them in their own different times and seasons. I know that you trusted God for the kind of blessings your neighbor received but at the same time he blessed you with something else that you chose to neglect or not grateful for.

God blesses you with what he knows you need at that present season of your life. Life will be much easier and less competitive if we understand times and seasons and what each brings to us. And how God uses them each to bless us.

It is two days to 2022, as you get set for the year, I would advise you live ready. Understand that God’s ways aren’t your ways. Work and trust him for the blessings, not minding which comes first. Know that some blessings or breakthrough you want immediately might just be what would kill you, why? It’s because it isn’t the best time for it to come and God knows all of that. It’s the reason why he hasn’t brought it to you, I need to wait for the right and best time when you will be capacitated for the blessings/success.

Do better next year, work as if it all depends on work, trust God always (as if it all depends on him), rejoice with others over their successes while you trust God for yours. Carve your niche, build relevant relationships in that area, compete with yourself not with anyone else. Seek for growth daily, be consistent in what you do even when you don’t feel like it. Be unshamed about chasing your dreams.

Lastly, room for Self-improvement is a room everyone needs to have, it is non negotiable; you need to have that room. So, I will say again, seek for self improvement and growth daily.

Happy New Year in advance.

Writer: Abigeal Moses Bashir

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