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Our continent (Africa) indeed has witnessed sustainable growth over the past two decades but corruption still remains one of the greatest evils of our time. Despite the strides that have been made towards combating the culture of corruption, it still continue to erode peoples sense of equity and this is reflated bycitizens general sense of despair theregiven the failure of government to effectively address corruption from its roots.
However, despite the effort of the standard organization of Nigeria to compile product inventory on every product produced in Nigeria or imported in the country to ensure standardization, most citizens have rendered their efforts almost useless why because of the following;

✅ Illegal importation: Nigerians are not getting value for their money because its spent on substandard goods which are of low quality. Many Nigerians are involve in the importation of fake goods. Many Nigerian business men & women who risk importing & producing quality goods are discouraged because people now patronize quantity instead of quality.
Theres overwhelming evidence that Nigeria ranks among the world’s highest market for fake products and equipment. This is evidence bythe shameful scene of all kinds of poor quantity goods & product that litter our open market, chemist and other retail shops. Its no longer news or strange that a family man who intend to change the engine of his car would rather go for ’Tokunbo’ or fairly used instead of a new one because the “So-called” new ones are obviously fake. The shocking aspect of it all is that these low in quality goods are smuggled into the country even when the government and forces avenue are fully at alert. Thus, this alone is one of the core problems in the fight against corruption through the use of standard.

✅ Corruption control institutes: Most countries in Africa approve low-quality product for sale in the country while other continent like Asia produces substandard goods to Africa. However, countries like Nigeria has inefficient standard control institutes. Thus, most of these control institute does not act independently but take orders from most political elites who are now seen as the God-fathers in all sphere and activities of Nigeria.

Anti-Corruption & Anti-bribery:
It`s no news that the Nigeria (Africa) government has realized the negative impact of corruption & bribery on its image. Well, serious effort has been made to ensure bribery & corruption are eradicated for good in Africa. However, instance of legislation supporting Anti-corruption initiative is cited below. (how Standard contribute to the fight against corruption). The penal code laws of northern Nigeria prescribe a punishment of up to 14years imprisonment specifically S.115 of the penal code.
Furthermore, corruption seems to be growing and affecting Africa more than ever before. One explanation for this could be found within the social culture that prevails in Nigeria. This leads us to examine in details challenges encountered in fighting corruption Africa. – GEORGINA ENEKOLE IJACHI

To be continued…


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