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Valentine’s day is day assumed to be for lovers as there are lots of stories behind the history of Valentine’s day – 14th February. But our focus is not on the history of Valentine’s day.
Its Funny how year year we are constantly affected the so called “Valentine” Syndrome. It pushes a lot of people to find someone to “Cling” to so they don’t present themselves as “lonely” to the society on Valentine’s day.

 I remember my time in the boarding house and My mum had warned me keenly not to receive gifts from strangers especially guys. I loved obeying my mum so much and I usually rejected gifts then and the other girls thought there was something wrong with me since I did not show off Teddy bear(s), rose flowers, Valentine cards, chocolate, jewelries, perfumes like the other girls.

 I think that was what helped me escaped the Valentine syndrome. 

How I knew It was a syndrome.
There was this one time some group of girls didn’t receive Valentine gifts. They cried themselves to sleep as they refused to talk to anyone with the whole mentality up there that they had become less attractive because no one gave them a gift.
It sounds funny but it still happens. So to avoid such feelings, people rush into unhealthy relationship to beat the “February 14th deadline”.
I am not against Valentine day, infact after Christmas and Easter its my favorite holiday because, it preaches LOVE and thats what Christ is all about. But because you are single on Valentine day doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. If you haven’t found the right person at the right time you will, just be patient. Its also the right time to love and appreciate yourself because if you do not love yourself no one else would love you.

Judith Joshua

Should Gifts Be Presented Only On Valentine’s Day?
No! There is absolutely no law book guiding giving gifts to those you care about only on Valentine’s day. You do not need to wait for a festive period to show people you love them or how much you love them. Once in a while, present a gift to those you love because sharing is a proof of love. Your parents, siblings, loved ones and the less privilege need to be surprised once in a while.
Let the Valentine Syndrome stop! Show love everyday. Don’t wait till February 14th to show love. Showing love is a daily activity and not yearly.
Happy Valentine Day!!! I love you!!!
Written Faith Hauwa Adama

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