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A source from Daily trust reported that, the embattled leader
of jihadist group Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, resurfaced in a video
posted online Sunday, rejecting assertions the Nigerian army that he
had been seriously wounded.

“You have been spreading in the social media that
you injured or killed me,” Shekau said in the 40-minute video released
on YouTube and dated September 25.
“Oh tyrants, I’m in a happy state, in good health and in safety.”
The Nigerian army said on August 23 that Shekau had
been seriously wounded in the shoulder in an air raid in which several
commanders were killed.
The army’s claim was bolstered when Boko Haram released a video on September 13 without Shekau in it.
However, in the new video clip released on Sunday,
Shekau said that with God, he was fully prepared against the Nigerian
armed forces.
He reiterated that to secure the Chibok girls’ freedom, the federal government should release its members dead or alive.
“People of Nigeria, Buhari and his wife, Idris
Derwho has a goat eye, and people of Niger and the whole world. I’m
fine now but once my time is up, you won’t see me again,” he said.
“You should all prepare with all your armed forces,
even with our own John Kerry of US. They should all prepare with Ban
Ki-moon also.
“But with my God I’m fully prepared. This one is my
own belief and this is the kind of religion I want to spread to the
whole world. We are not part of sociology, but we are of the Quran and
Hadith ideology (narrative of Prophet Mohammad).
“We are dull people in our own place. It is my own
religion giving me sense of direction and we have our own belief. You
posing with plane but it’s rubbish. We have belief in our own God. Even
with the special weapons. We Stand firm with our God and it will be
“You go to Iraq to kill with no shame, you are
using your plane to fly up when our God is up. Is it with that you will
catch us? It’s one God we bow to. Didn’t they hear about our religion?
“Do you think democracy is a religion for Hausa or fulani  in
Nigeria? You think you are major-general carrying your head up, instead
of bowing down to God, you are bowing down to cows; he doesn’t have the fear of God.”

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