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What we say matters. Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this power constructively, building up others or destructively tearing them down. It only takes a few words to hurt someone. And those wounds may heal but they leave scars that never disappear. Our words have enormous power with the ability to help or to harm, to heal or to hurt, to lift or to destroy, to build up or to tear down, to offend or to befriend, to affirm or to alienate, to comfort or to criticize.

The words spoken in our homes have a profound and astounding impact on future health and well-being. Parents can lash out with tongues that slice and dice and devastate their children. And the child can explore at their parents with words that level the entire family like a bomb. When we react and then respond to a situation with really destructive words, the implications can be overwhelming and soul-destroying for the recipient. It’s very easy to put a voice to our feelings and thoughts; however, it takes control, strength and absolute integrity to express ourselves positively. Stop and take a breath before you speak, especially when you are stressed. As parents, we need to speak life into our children from the day they are born.

Married folks must consider the power in their words to one another. Our jobs, the world news, children and life itself are often wearing. We need to build our marriages and our homes with positive uplifting encouragement that comes from a life-giving faith and not from trauma, anxiety or fear.
Satan’s schemes to get us to ultimate the power of our words. Since his nature is to destroy, he works constantly to get your words flowing in a negative direction. Don’t let him succeed! He knows your words aren’t meaningless or powerless. They have creative power, just as God demonstrated when He created the heavens and the earth with His words. Now, we have the authority to do the same thing here on earth.
Contemplate the fact that your words hold incredible power. You have the power to influence and change the lives of everyone you share your world with…your family, your friends, your neighbours and strangers. It is your choice to use words that inspire and build or destroy and tear down. Remember, once said, your words cannot be retracted.
  • Writer: Dorcas Atiba
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