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By Pastor Misheal Tomizayi

And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. Genesis 3:4:5.

Advertiser’s primary mission is to reach prospective customers and influence their awareness, attitudes and buying behaviour. They spend a lot of money to keep individuals (markets) interested in their products. To succeed, they need to understand what makes potential customers behave the way they do. The advertisers goals is to get enough relevant market data to develop accurate profiles of buyers-to-find the common group (and symbols) for communications this involves the study of consumers behaviour: the mental and emotional processes and the physical activities of people who purchase and use goods and services to satisfy particular needs and wants. The essence of being in business any business outfits is to produce for sales and profits. In order to remain in business an organization must generate enough sales from its products to cover operating costs and post reasonable profits.

Satan advertise from the beginning what he didn’t create luring Eve to conspire with him. Conspiracy is the foundation of selfishness that gives birth to disaster. The greatest tragedy of the fall of Adam and Eve was the introduction of selfishness into creation. Love created the world because God is love (1 John 4:8). Love also gave Himself as a ransom for the redemption of man’s fall (John 3:16). Love was meant to run and operate the world. In order for Satan to disrupt the beauty and harmony of creation, he introduced and ADVERTISED SELFISHNESS to Eve and then Adam. When Adam and Eve rejected the way of love and accepted the way of selfishness, their failure and frustration on earth were instantly established. Their potential and destiny instantly got arrested. They were ushered out of the garden of beauty and dignity the force of ADVERTISED SELFISHNESS. They were ushered into the realm ceaseless, endless, perpetual bountiful sweat and struggle existence, the blessing on them gave way to curse; everything around them stopped yielding and responding to their authority. They could no longer get the best out of the earth because they gave heed to the power of the devil’s advertised selfishness. Many people today have delved into the habits of homosexuality, drunkenness, drug addiction etc simply reasons of some demonic sponsorship of advert on the media. The devil is still on rampage like he was in the garden of Eden. When the absence of real love is vandalised the devil the presence of selfishness is established which is the major reason behind failure and ruin of most individual and families, business, organisations, and  even nations. Be careful what people advertise to you, they might be agents sent your way as a set-up to set you back.

I pray this morning that every strategy the enemy have set to advertise selfishness to you today you shall overcome the blood of Jesus.

PROPHETIC DECLARATION: I prophesy, the redemption power of mercy and grace shall empower you today with a mark of division from the path of wickedness in Jesus name.

Pastor Misheal Tomizayi 
Voice of Tabernacle


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