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Ali Baba tried to explain why it’s difficult for most people to understand the basics of life, love and how to treat people. Read the beautiful article below…

You see, the OS, that some people’s reasoning faculty is running on, can not be upgraded. So trying to update such is not only a waste of time but also means you don’t get it. Think about it. Some people have been brought up in a different orientation space. So they can’t get it that women need to be treated with respect. 

They can not work under a woman in any capacity. I know this from when a guy resigned from a bank because his new boss was a lady. Or, how do you explain to a guy that believes that hitting a woman is ok? He won’t get it. What of someone who is set in his understanding that his race is better than another? And more seriously, if a child has not been taught the basics of English language, which of course is based on the alphabet and use of same in forming words, that child’s OS will not understand Shakespeare.
That is the same thing with failure to install in a child the basics of arithmetic, and you are talking further maths. Like the German’s say, “trailer park, I no see am, you dey ask for the driver”. SOME PEOPLE WERE NOT MEANT TO GET IT. So don’t sweat the small stuff. Check this out. One man was still insisting his son must either be a lawyer or Doctor in 2013! 4 years ago! Because in his mind, there are only lawyers, doctors, bankers, accountants, soldiers and civil servants. His OS is yet to get it that event planners, MUAs, OAPs, musicians, sportsmen, actors, comedians, graphic artistes, photographers,… can make in one year what the traditional careers can make in 5years.

I can explain it. But I can not understand it for you. The other day, I met an Engineer who now makes cakes. I know lawyers planning events. I know medical doctors who are Mcees. A certain Dentist works with #MavinRecords… He is my cousin the way. Some people even dropped out of school but make more that those who have PhDs. It’s a new day. It’s a new world. Upgrade your software, change your OS, broaden your horizon, improve yourself… Because I can not help you understand what you can not understand… I can only explain.

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