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This is what President Buhari told the 21 released Chibok girls… 
He said government has taken over full
responsibility for the rescued Chibok school girls.
This includes “their personal, educational and professional goals and ambitions in life,” the president said.

He said it was not late for the girls to go back to school and continue with education.
The president spoke when he met with the freed schoolgirls and their parents at the Presidential Villa, Abuja yesterday.
The girls, who are among the over 200 abducted Boko Haram insurgents in April 2014, were freed last Thursday.
President Buhari assured them that the Federal Government would rehabilitate and re-integrate them into the society.
“These dear daughters of ours have seen the worst that the world has to
offer. It is now time for them to experience the best that the world can
do for them,” he stated.
Buhari said the government and all Nigerians must encourage the freed girls to achieve their desired ambitions.
He also said the girls will be given “adequate and comprehensive medical, nutritional and psychological care and support.”
He added that the government would rehabilitate them, and ensure that
their reintegration back into the society was done as quickly as
President Buhari also promised that the government would sustain the
ongoing rescue efforts until all the remaining abducted Chibok girls
return safely.
“My dear children, this is a happy moment for me and for all Nigerians. I
welcome you back to freedom. It is a moment your parents, the Nation
and the International Community have been eagerly waiting for, since
your abduction on 14th April 2014. 

“We must from the onset, thank Almighty God for this day that 21 of the
Chibok girls have again breathed the air of freedom and are reunited
with their parents.
“We are equally prayerful, that God in his infinite mercies and
benevolence will see to it that the girlsremaining in captivity will be
freed and returned to us soonest.
“All Nigerians recall, sadly the night of 14th April 2014, 276 young
female Nigerian students were abducted from the Government Secondary
School in Chibok Borno State the Boko Haram.
“Fortunately, 57 of the kidnapped school girls were able to escape,
leaving 219 in captivity. One of the abducted girls, Amina Ali was found
in May 2016. And today, we are here celebrating the freedom and return
of another 21 girls that regained freedom on Thursday 13th October.”
The president said the government was equally as hopeful as it was
praying that the remaining girls would be freed and returned to us
without further delay.

He said the release of the 21 girls followed a series of negotiations
between the government and the Boko Haram group brokered “our friends
both local and international.
“Since this administration assumed office, we have been working towards
the safe release of the girls. The Nigerian DSS, Military and other
Security Agencies have spared no effort to secure our girls.
“These 21 girls are the manifestation of our doggedness and commitments to the release and return of the Chibok girls.
“While joining their parents to rejoice and praise the Almighty, we
shall redouble efforts to ensure that we fulfil our pledge of bringing
the remaining girls back home.
“Already, the credible first step has been taken and Government will
sustain the effort until all the remaining girls return safely,” he
The president said the Federal Government appreciated the patience and
understanding of the parents of all the abducted Chibok girls.
He also thanked Nigerians and the international community for their
support and prayers as well as “for never losing confidence in our
ability to secure the safe release of our girls.”
Earlier, one of the freed girls, Rebecca Malu, had said they were happy
about their release as they did not know they would return from
She called for prayers for the rescue of other girls still being held the terrorists.
Speaking on behalf of the girls’ parents, the chairman of Chibok Local
Government Area of Borno State, Yaga Yarakuwa, thanked Buhari’s
administration for “saving us from the hands of terrorists.”
He appealed for more security enforcement in Chibok, saying one village was attacked yesterday.
He also told the president that many parents of the girls had “lost their lives because of high blood pressure.”
Source: Daily trust

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